Plant-Based ‘Food Heaven Made Easy’ With Wendy and Jess

Food Heaven Made Easy Philosophy: Healthy eating should be delicious, cost effective and relatively painless.

When eating healthy, sometimes you may become bored doing the same things with your food or run out of tasty ideas. Transitioning to a mostly plant-based diet or eating as a vegan can make obtaining versatility with your veggies difficult! Luckily, we have nutrition besties, Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, to come in to save the day.

In 2011, Bronx native, Wendy, and Oakland native, Jess, created an amazing online platform as registered dietitians called Food Heaven Made Easy. Despite residing on different sides of the country, they not only made a connection with each other through healthy living but also through educating under-served communities about healthier living. Food Heaven Made Easy is a super accessible resource with the intention of encouraging healthy eating no matter where you are in your health journey. The goal is to help people find a way they can transition to a mostly plant-based diet.

Wendy and Jess are fully dedicated to educating others on how to eat healthy while still having fun with it! Before Food Heaven Made Easy was established, they volunteered to facilitate cooking and nutrition workshops for the New York City Department of Health – teaching the communities how to shop health-minded for tasty, cultural, flavorful, nutritionally balanced meals without breaking the bank. These efforts are also what drove Jess to become a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), as she noticed diabetes is more prominent in communities of color and wanted to help educate more effectively.

Their dedication to educating about nutrition is not only important, but interactive and exciting! They’ve created an array of online resources, such as recipes for meals and smoothies, meal plans and Q & A videos, available to anyone needing help in their plant-based health journey. On their website, they are proud to admit they love to eat and cook, which is a sure sign they love to try different things in the kitchen. Their archive of recipes includes something for every meal genre of the day–including drinks. Like seriously, just look at these treats!

South Indian Squash Curry

Hemp Green Smoothie Bowl

Creamy Spirulina Green Smoothie

In an effort to keep us over flowed with information and resources, they have also began a Food Heaven Made Easy podcast–mentioned in our beginner’s guide to great podcasts  article. Although released sporadically, you can count on receiving some gems on illnesses caused by unhealthy eating, how to create holistic routines, and the decoding of myths centered around food!

Most recently, they’ve released their first official cookbook, 28-Day Plant-Powered Health Reboot. The cookbook includes over one hundred tasty, plant-based recipes to help reboot your body to its healthiest state. Have a few things you may be worried about such as allergies to certain foods? No problem! Wendy and Jess have considered you by including alternatives for the recipes as well. I guess Food Heaven can be made easy!

To learn more about healthy eating and keep up with Wendy and Jess updates, visit their website, and be sure to subscribe to their newsletter and podcast on iTunes. Their cookbook is available everywhere!

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