PLAYLIST: Back To School


With the final days of summer winding down and the fall semester approaching, students are packing their bags to either return to their stomping grounds or take their first step on the journey of the rest of their lives.

College is a great experience for us. It helps shape who we are as individuals. It’s our first chance at venturing into a new world. It may break us down in the process, but it will most certainly build us back up before we cross that stage and graduate. Whether going to school out of state at a HBCU or attending a SUNY/CUNY, these tend to be the best years of our lives. Where your closest friends are either down the hall or down the block. College is the cornerstone for us all.

Here’s a playlist to jam to from decorating your college dorm, to setting up your off campus apartment or studying for your first test to blowing off steam from the test you may have just failed (it happens)

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