POPPING TAGS: Louis Vuitton Pocket Comb Case

As a true Knicks fan, it’s an unspoken rule that you support anything that is offered in a Knicks colorway. Just kidding, but the new Louis Vuitton packaging color way is so New York, I’m obsessed!

To preface this post, I must say that I love well made goods…be it, Louis or Timberlands. It’s not just about a name, although it helps from time to time. For me, I am interested in things that can stand the test of time and do their job years and years from now. Things that can be passed down from generation to generation.

As an eBay/Etsy lurker, I often find myself searching for vintage goods like vanity hand mirrors and brass desktop lighters…things that serve a purpose, but also have a a beautiful form. Recently I had been on a pocket comb kick when I stumbled upon Louis Vuitton’s pocket comb. I had to have it, so I treated myself for Valentine’s Day. Here it is!

Isn’t he the cutest?! This little guy cost a grip, 290$ to be clear. Now that I travel to Paris quite a bit, I usually wait to buy my fancy pants items when I’m there because it’s cheaper and you get 12% tax back when you get to the airport (*note to you, it’s worth saving your coin and spending it abroad)…but, I didn’t want to chance this item selling out. Anyways, that is all 😉

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