PREMIERE: Layomi The Tampa Baes Have Dope Boyz Goin’ Crazy

Believe it or not, hip hop is less than 50 years old. Throughout the years, we’ve watched the movement transform from the beatboxing we all nostalgically ooze over to it being infused with modern sounds and influences. For Tampa’s Layomi The Tampa Baes, hip hop just got a “classy ratchet” makeover, and we’re not mad at it.

Layomi The Tampa Baes, composed of OG Layla Johnson and Naomi Bravo, rep the 813 to the fullest. Their single “DOPE BOYZ” proves the Hot Girl Summer is not over with a bouncy trap-like single that makes all the dope boyz go crazy. With production by Bobby Kritical, the duo effortlessly floats over the bass-knocking pulse giving the perfect mix of tantalizing vocals and gum-popping attitude.

While Florida has been on the radar for emerging artists, Tampa remained untouched by a female force until now. We’re hopeful to see what Layomi The Tampa Baes bring to the music scene by representing duality.
Listen to their new single DOPE BOYZ below!

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