[PREMIERE] Ras-I’s “Ordinary Day” Blends Reggae, R&B and Soul

Photo by Warren St Patrick

Jamaican singer Ras-I has something special about him. With R&B on the rise, it’s easy to say Ras-I not only brings something different to the table, but he also brings his culture. His new single “Ordinary Day”  fuses notes from modern R&B and his Jamaican background to bring a new sound into the playing field. Unlike other R&B singles, Ras-I focuses on setting a vibe, rather than seeking an overly catchy hook for radio. With a soulful reggae vibe, romantic lyrics and unforgettable production by the Koastal Kings, the R&B-infused ballad is guaranteed to make you want to fall in love, or at least inspire sentimental thoughts of a loved one.

“The song literally came from the heavens. Nothing was planned.”  reveals the Koastal Kings. “We just vibed and it came together piece by piece and note by note. That’s how Koastal Kings work really. It’s about energy. Good vibes and good people equal good music.” – Ras- I

Listen to the single here



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