PUMA x MCM celebrates hip-hop culture with collection

When it comes to fashion in hip-hop, two brands that have been loyal and embracive to the realms of the most popular genre in America has been PUMA and MCM.  Back in the 80s. the Puma Suede was utilized by B-boys and dance crews while rappers like LL Cool J draped themselves top to bottom in a MCM jumpsuit.

For the last 50 years, both brands have collaborated with distinctive artists and various brands that have catered to the evolving trends and fashions of hip hop music. Being that both entities have successfully been apart of a very important culture for half a decade, they recently collaborated to launch their PUMA x MCM Worldwide collection. To celebrate the luxury fashion line and sports brand’s 50th anniversary, the two legendary platforms teamed up to place their own collaborative spin on the classic Puma Suede that pays tribute to the early days of hip hop music culture.

In the midst of the this highly sought for collaboration, the two brands linked with the amazing Vashtie , Yovanna Ventura, and Gabriel Vieira to star in their latest campaign. The latest collection not only features the PUMA Suede with two color options to choose from including Brown/Black,  White/Grey, and White/Blue/Black/Red. In addition to the suede sneakers, the collection also features two piece sweatsuits (the classic jumpsuit with a sweat material instead of leather or velour) that come in the White/Blue/Black/Red pattern and also in the classic MCM color-way in Brown/Black/White. The sweat suits and sneakers can be shopped starting today here while the PUMA site will solely release their sneakers starting at 10am.



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