Pussykrew Pushes the Boundaries of Art, Technology and Gender

As we continue to adapt to new technologies, one team experiments with surrealist imagery and pushes the envelope for multimedia contemporary art.

Originating from Poland, Pussykrew is a multi-disciplinary art duo, Tikul & mi$gogo, who encourage us to rethink reality. Their visuals, as you will see, are jarring and thought provoking, creating innovative and engaging experiences for their audience. To ensure their artistic messages are received, the duo smooths out the complexity of their work by incorporating interactive spaces and futuristic imagery.

Often, if you’re not a regular at galleries or keeping up with the art world, certain shows and pieces of work can easily be overlooked. Pussykrew, however, is bringing their work to the front line–among a myriad of other projects–by producing conceptually intricate music videos and live performance pieces for musicians across the globe. They’ve gained a great following in Berlin, Shanghai, Ireland, the U.K., Brussels, and are currently building momentum in the United States.

Incredibly multifaceted in their approach, the team dabbles in everything from 3D imagery, multimedia installations, videos, audio-visual performances, to sculptures and hand-made electronics.

In their own words,

“Pussykrew explores post-human concepts, corporeal aesthetics, urban landscapes and fluid identities
with their synthetic-organic notions, constantly searching for liminal states within the digital realm.
Pussykrew is creating gender-bending visual journeys, filtered through carnal data mesh,
liquid dysphoria and 3D fantasy shuffle. Pussykrew pieces are known for their multi-sensory purposes and physical affection.”

The duo’s projects are currently being showcased in clubs, galleries, digital arts and film festivals, art spaces, reputable institutions, commercial events, and tech fairs. And based on the influx recognition, who knows where you will see them next!

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