#RakimApperciation: 5 Things You Might Not Know About The Rapper Who Is In Your Top Fives, Top 5

This week we are celebrating the born day of an emcee who made an everlasting footprint during the Golden Era of hip-hop. Rakim is known for his compound rhyming by using words that have two or more syllables in one rhyme. He reinvented the simple rhyme scheme that was being used by most rappers at the time and created a new, smooth, persuasive, and complex modern flow. He is one of the pioneers for lyrical content that raised self-awareness and intellectual thought. Here are 5 things you should know about the rapper who is in your top fives, top 5.

He was called Kid Wizard before converting to Islam at 16 years old. He took the name Rakim in honor of the ancient sun god Ra and the ancient Egyptian kingdom of Kim.

Rakim was a skilled saxophone player this skill had a heavy influence on his rhythmic flow.

Biz Markie and Rakim rapped together in high school before either of the artists found fame.

The legendary Atlantic records R&B singer, Ruth Brown is Rakims aunt and his mother sang jazz and opera.

‘Paid in Full’ took rap lyricism to a new level. The album’s production became the gold standard for sampling at the time and introduced another level of lyricism to the game.






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