RANDOM: 11 Things on Vashtie’s Birthday Wish/Gift List

Va Kola, Moet-mosphere

Just like Drake’s line from his newest track “Pop Style”, “Turned My Birthday Into a Lifestyle” – if that don’t sum up my feelings on my April 23rd birthday too – I don’t know what does. Since I turned 15, I’ve always hated getting older and celebrating my birthday in an over the top way has been my way since age 18 to avoid truly thinking about how aging is depressing. It was never the physical aging that bothered me, but more that at age 15 I was working 2 jobs, had no relationship with my family and life just seemed so bleak already. It was like – I could predict that life would just get riddled with even more drama.

scan_vashtie12 1

Me in High School. Ewww. 

BUT, I have to say now as an adult – I find getting older is actually worthy of a trophy – for anyone. When you’ve actually lived life for a long time, you realize that being alive is an actual blessing. Regardless if you’re successful or not. Think about how hard it is to actually be alive and to stay alive (not get killed or get sick or whatever). And, being able to change your circumstance (which takes time) and to be able to get better over the years is so ill.

Anyways…let’s get on with this spoiled BIRTHDAY WISH LIST of mine that I’ve been doing almost every year since I started my blog. It started as a way to give my gift-giving friends ideas since some of them would ask me over and over and over again. This also doubles as a nice GIFT GUIDE for your favorite ART NERD.






Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera (Black) – $97 via Amazon.Com

I like taking portraits. You know that, duh! This camera is a bit bigger than the commonly used Instax Mini, but has more of a professional look and feel.

GIFTING: Get this for a camera lover who takes photographs of more than just memorable moments.



Fujifilm Instax Hello Kitty Instant Film Camera (Pink) – International Version – $69 via Amazon.Com

I love cameras, that is evident. But, I actually don’t really love Hello Kitty. To be honest, I may have a love/hate for it. As a kid, we couldn’t afford name brand anything. And my working class Trinidadian immigrant parents were certainly not wasting their hard earned double shift dollars on goofy pink cartoon cat branded items. I so drooled over these silly items, but turned that adoration into hate when I couldn’t have them – but, maybe my love for them is resurfacing!

GIFTING: This is perfect for a Hello Kitty lover that is into taking pictures or not.



Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant Camera Wide Picture Format Silver- Special Wedding Edition – $76 via Amazon.Com

Okay, okay – this list won’t all be cameras, but you know I’m an art nerd and I like…love…cameras. This Instax 210 has a wider frame and allows for more image. This silver edition is super cute too, with a nice futuristic feel.

GIFTING: A gem of a camera for a budding photographer in your life.



Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer, Thermal Carafe  – $199 via Amazon.Com

Your girl also loves coffee. I saw this infomercial for the Ninja while I was in sleepless in Dallas over the weekend. Basically, it does it all – mild or strong coffee, hot or iced. Also, you can make a big carafe or a single cup.

GIFTING: Anyone who loves coffee may love this, but beware of coffee snobs that may snub this gift.



Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool Kit – $39 via Amazon.Com

I love tools! Growing up with a car mechanic father, I would spend lots of time in junk yards, car shows but also garages. The plethora of shiny tools all around was fascinating (well, that and the cheesy nude posters hanging around). Recently I’ve gotten fixated on engraving and need a tool so that I can write my name everywhere and anywhere!

GIFTING: Get this for someone who is handy with tools and you won’t go wrong!



Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System – $69 via Amazon.Com

You know I’m all about health and wellness – so this powerful little blender is everything I need for my on-the-go life. And let’s be honest, who isn’t on the go these days? Even a stay at home mom could benefit from this!

GIFTING: This could just be the perfect gift for anyone!



Great Jones Massage – $145

I work hard and I also store all my stress in my shoulders. And even though I don’ t like to be touched, by anyone including family and close friends, I love a stranger massaging my naked body under a sheet while in the dark. I guess I’m just crazy like that! Anyways, who doesn’t love a massage?

GIFTING: When in doubt, I say – get the one you love a gift card for a massage at your nicest local spot.

kids message


American Apparel Gift Card – $$$

On any given day, I’m dressed fully in American Apparel. I think it’s because I like uniform basics, I like routine and I tend to be sloppy – so being able to replace the look that I love is important. If you think this gift isn’t much of a gift, think again! I am obsessed with American Apparel.

GIFTING: This may not be the gift you give for that special someone, but it is nice for a regular-shmegular friend or co-worker.



Giuseppe Zanotti Shooting Azalea Mid-Heel Mules – $495 via Opening Ceremony (size 38)
I never thought in my Tom-Boy dreams that I would be wearing heels, much less wearing pink heels! I fact, I’ve grown super obsessed with the color pink that it’s nauseating.
GIFTING: This is a nice gift for a special lady or gender fluid friend in your life.
Air Force 1’s – $90 via Nike.Com (size 6.5 Y or 8 Womens)
For years, I keep Air Force 1’s on deck. Always 4 pairs. White in Low and High as well as Black in Low and High. A girl just never knows, you know?!
GIFTING: Air Force 1’s are classic, but only give them to those you know will wear them.
I’ve been eyeing felt change trays for a while and stumbled upon this adorable one from Hermés. Functional, yes. Fancy, fa’sho.
GITFING: This is something for a luxury lover. Perfect for a guy or girl who appreciates masculine things – like me.
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