Recap: FRIDGE’s ‘Perfect Timing’ Exhibition Presented By G-Shock

Last night, the team made their way to G-Shock for the grand opening of the Perfect Timing art exhibition by FRIDGE. FRIDGE is an NYC based multidisciplinary artist who knows no boundaries when it comes to creative expression. FRIDGE and G-Shock/Casio came together for the artists first solo art show.

FRIDGE’s evolutionary work is heavily influenced by graffiti, typography, and three-dimensional concepts. A constant theme behind FRIDGE’s work is to #StopDoingNothing. The art is meant to provoke and motivate like-minded people with high potential and raw skill to overcome self-constructed berries and take the next step in achieving their goals. Last nights show explored FRIDGES love for 3D art that uses multi-layered hand cut wood sculptures.

We had a chance to speak with the artist of the evening, asking him at what point did he stop doing nothing?

“At 16 when I was the biggest slacker in the world and had nothing going for me, I hit rock bottom. I was just like YO, its time to #stopdoingnothing” – FRIDGE

DJ B was on the decks, the drinks were flowing, and the Gorilla Cheese food truck pulled up outside providing all of the guests with yummy sandwiches.

To check out more of fridge works follow @WHATSINYOURFRIDGE and the #STOPDOINGNOTHING movement!

Photos by Esther Faciane


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