Reclaiming My Time: Back to School Edition


When it comes to heading back to school (college especially), there’s no prep guide to getting up at 7:30 am to make it to the 9 am you despise time and time again. During the summer, you were either working a summer job you didn’t really care for, eating junk food and drinking wine until you got tired.  You possibly even dedicated your summer to becoming the best version of yourself  but now that school is back in session, it’s now even more vital to keep that same energy sis. In college, it’s so easy to be distracted by what we consider as distractions rather that may include men, that club trip you took the night before knowing that you had an 8am to mentally prepare for, common laziness,  or getting caught up in a venting session on the phone. Now that we’ve been granted another semester to redeem ourselves, it’s now essential to cut and/or limit what you feel could pose as a distraction to reach your full potential and reclaim your time as Maxine Waters has taught us.

According to a variety of sources from Huffington Post to Monroe Community College, distractions exist in different forms ranging from our digital devices (primarily our phones) to even the negative beliefs that we contribute to our own abilities to the stereotypes that may surround us to even our problems that revolve around anxiety. Rather we like to confront it or not, negativity can be the center of our distractions and the very road block that can stop  us from prospering and conquering anything, if we let it.  Rather you signed up for a class you’re not feeling so confident about this semester or fear that you wont be good enough this semester, now is the time to sit back and to tell yourself that you got this, know that people are praying on your downfall regardless, and know it’s not too late to reclaim your time to change the narrative that’s going to impact the kind of semester that lays ahead.

Some solutions to eliminating our mental and external distractions while easing back into school include avoiding distractions, focusing on your intent, and  replacing anything you think negatively about yourself with something positive . It’s never too late to improve the space you are in nor eliminate the things that can make you do better this semester. As we head back to school, do yourself a favor. Reclaim your time and apply the pressure. This school year, we are reclaiming our time to create limitless opportunities for ourselves and to flourish within our educational setting fearlessly. There’s no doubt that we can make it happen.


Jaconna is a 21 year old writer and interviewer as well as the editorial producer and creative director of Everything Boisterous ( which caters to reflecting the lifestyle, fashions, and talents of creative and unique individuals (from the likes of Well$ to COMPLEX'S Jinx and many more). IG: forever_salene ;Twitter: @Chipsahjoy/ @stayboisterous

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