Released on Michael’s second solo album Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, “Freedom! ’90” was almost an anthem for Michael declaring his freedom from being typecast as a pop star. The video actually took iconic things from the video for “Faith,” and destroyed them including his jacket and juke box.

4. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Originally, Elton John released “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” in 1974 but the song reached its greatest success in 1991. That was at a George Michael concert at Wimbley Arena for the Live Aid Concert when Michael was performing the song live and then brought out Elton John to sing with him. The actual video was shot at a concert in Chicago, but the music was from Wimbley.

3. I Want Your Sex

On the album Faith, George Michael released three different “I Want Your Sex” songs, labeled in three parts. The first part of the song is what was released as a single, although on the album it blends into the second part. The third part appears at the end of the album. It was his second solo song to rank on the charts.

2. Praying for Time

Released in 1990 from Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1, “Praying for Time” spent one week at number one on the Billboard charts. The song was Michael’s first single in two years and showed that he was back, stronger than ever.

1. Faith

The second song released by George Michael on the album of the same name was “Faith,” his first single released in 1988, and the bestselling song of the year. The album pretty much defined what George Michael was all about at the time, an image he tried to change when he released his subsequent albums.