REVIEW: Lets Take A Ride On Tinashe’s Joyride

It’s been four long years since we received an album from Tinashe. It probably seems like less since she’s given us singles such as “Superlove,” “Company,” and her mixtape Nightride. The push back of release dates for Joyride definitely makes up for it once you listen to the album. It’s an easy listen with 13 songs lasting only 37 minutes. I gave the album a listen while working and during my commute home. Joyride didn’t take me anywhere in terms of reminding me like summer or driving fast down a highway with the wind blowing through my hair. Joyride just heightened my reality, making me feel moody and dramatic. That’s the thing about a Tinashe project it evokes emotion that you probably weren’t paying attention to. Joyride is sexy, mysterious, affirmative, and dark.

Listening to Joyride brought me to the conclusion that Tinashe isn’t an artist that you can just put in a box. She doesn’t quite fit in traditional R&B or Pop. She’s different and so is her sound and the music she makes. She has the same quality of weirdness that makes you want to compare her to FKA Twigs, but you can’t. The into alone on Joyride “Keep Your Eyes On The Road” had me intrigued as Tinashe urges passengers to buckle up as she takes us on this ride. There seems to be a song for every mood on this album. Singles off the album “No Drama” and “Me So Bad” sound fun and radio friendly but then they contrast with her other single “Faded Love” which has a more moody sound.

Tinashe also has an interesting taste in beats. They are sonically different and very risky. Featuring production from producers such as Hitboy, Stargate, Felix Snow, Hitmaka, A1, Amanda Ghost, J White Did It, Wavy, and Tinashe herself along with a bunch of other producer it’s a no brainer that Joyride sounds so different compared to everything else on the market. The album also features a number of writers as well as Tinashe. This goes to prove how involved she is with her own sound. On Joyride Tinashe isn’t afraid to sound unpolished as she belts out in that high pitch voice of hers or that throaty seductive low talking.

A few of my favorite songs off the album are “Joyride,” “No Drama (featuring Offset),” “Ooh La La,” “Stuck With Me (featuring Little Dragon),” “Salt, ”“Faded Love (featuring Future)” and “No Contest.”  I love how Little Dragon sounds on “Stuck With Me,” her voice along with Tinashe sounds amazing. I have liked Tinashe collaborating with Future since “How Many Times” on Aquarius. There is just something that happens when the two of them make music together. I almost lost my cool when I heard the bed squeaking on “Ooh La La”, it is very reminiscent to the bed squeaking on Trillville’s “Some Cut.”

I can definitely see myself listening to listening to JoyRide whether I’m getting dressed for work or preparing for a fun night with my friends. I only wished Tinashe’s label and team did a better job of publicity. This is an album that needs heavy promoting especially since it actually sounds good. As I played the album during my last hours at work my co-workers questioned who it was only to reveal they had no clue Tinashe came out with a new album. What are your favorite songs on Joyride?

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