Savannah Cristina is selfish with “Self Care”

Knowing when to put yourself first is important. Taking care of your mental health is essential for your own well being and Savannah Cristina makes sure of that. Currently residing from Miami, Florida the blissful songwriter decided to skip a day of work to focus on self-care. A day where she reconnects with herself, and to keep balance. Instead of going into her 9-5 job, she decides to go to the beach and record a heartfelt song that’s dazzling and full of lush.

Savannah Cristina’s “Self Care” is an expression of showing love to yourself, to be selfish with you for once. Its more than just a mood, it’s a way of life and relatable. She crafts a song that is soothing to the soul, that sounds refreshing while bringing peace of mind. With the waves softly kissing the shore beneath her feet, everything becomes mesmerizing. The resurgence of R&B is real with Savannah Cristina as she delivered a viral hit that made so many others across the Internet admire her.

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The 22-year old artist, chats with us a bit about her self-care routine, her upbringing in music, her belief in soul ties and much more.

Why is Self-Care so important?

Self Care is important because life is a simulation. In most cases, the way you treat your self is a determining factor of how the universe treats you. I practice self care because a better life starts with a better me. I truly believe that. No one is gonna love me , I have to love myself.

What do you for for self-care and what do you recommend others do for their own self-care?

I isolate myself, first and foremost. Once I get alone, I listen to music. Face Masks are something I like to do because making them is like a science experiment. Then I tend to sleep , a lot. Listen to motivational speakers. Go for a run. Finish all my pending responsibilities so I can relieve my anxiety. I just take care of me. Even if I have to turn my phone off

What lead you to the point where you said “fuck it I’m not going into work today?”

I didn’t like my job. I had been meaning to shoot a video for days and literally didn’t have the time. So I realized that life is short and I took the wheel from there.

Now since your co-worker sent your “self-care” video to your supervisor, do you still have a job? What happened exactly?

No. I parted ways with my old job. I have a new job now running the poetry department at a few high schools in my county. I grew up with the foundation and they were more than happy to employ me.

So you’re only 22, went back to school to get another college degree, while teaching art in 3 different high schools, while making music and managing your creative content, how do you manage and handle all these activities without stressing out?

I just really stopped caring about things that didn’t serve a healthy purpose in my life. I also stopped making myself so accessible to people. I’ve always been stand-offish to protect my peace. I stopped over-committing myself to doing favors. I tend to stretch myself thin because I feel like I can help everyone. Once I stopped volunteering my energy, I became happier.

I realized the self-care video is similar to the rebound video, just in different locations, is there like a series you’re doing or is this is leading up to a project?

Yes they are similar! I’m just creating and whatever I’m inspired to do at the moment, I execute. No big plan, no pressure.

The music you’ve been releasing as of late such as “What you won’t do”, ”Rebound”, and “self-care” I feel that you those songs has given you a sense of a release, a feeling that’s therapeutic. Is that true ?

Yes it is. It’s my own personal therapy.

Do you actually believe in SoulTies? If so why?

I do. But I don’t believe it’s limited to sexual transfer. I think anything you dedicate your energy to is capable of creating a bond with you on a deeper level. Some people have soulties to people, others material . That’s why you see people kill themselves for some money.

Now everyone I’ve ever encountered that knows you personally always says you’re like a radiant sunflower, an angel perhaps. How do you keep up with having such good energy?

I stay inside a lot and charge up. I go out when I’m in a good mental space. I really am aware of myself and the energy I put out. I have good intentions for everyone because I have good intentions for myself. That’s what makes the interactions genuine.

What does Miami, Florida mean to you?

Miami, Florida means culture to me. It’s where I was born and where my grandmother raised me. Broward county formed my adult identity. That’s home

What’s your purpose for making music?

Creative outlet.

When did you realized that you had a passion for writing music and then to sing?

I was 14 writing poetry and winning every slam. I began writing songs. Then when I hit the studio at 19, the rest was history

You’ve been making music for awhile what has been some of the struggles you’ve faced over the years?

Finding the time to do what I love.

My last question and I have to ask what’s your skin-care routine?

Water , Black Soap. I am literally allergic to everything else.

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