SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH: 90’s Bad Boy R&B Heartthrobs, Jagged Edge

“If it doesn’t feel like 90’s R&B, then I don’t want it…”

We all remember how lit our summer’s were because of these guys. They made us feel like we were their age at eight year’s old, singing songs like “Where The Party At” and “Let’s Get Married”. We were way too young for Jagged Edge to make us feel so grown.

A few articles back, we mentioned hoe Kandi Buress and Xscapse was signed to So So Def with Jermaine Dupri. Well, it turns out that Kandi’s ear for music is undeniable since she’s the one that brought Jagged Edge to JD. He signed them and the rest was history.

The first album, A Jagged Era, released in 1997 following it’s leading single “The Way That You Talk”. It was soon after that they found their sound in conjunction with Jermaine and began pumping out hit after hit. In 2000, they guys released their sophomore album, J.E. Heartbreak. This is the album to blew up with singles like He Can’t Love You”  “Promise” and “Let’s Get Married”.

After those songs alone climbed the charts, the group continued the momentum with their follow up album, Jagged Little Thrill. “Where The Party At” became an anthem for the 90’s/00’s youth. That song will forever be played at family functions until the end of time.

The bad boy, thugged out, rugged look of the groups is what made the girls go crazy. Mix all of that with some serenading tunes? Yes, please.

Let this banger turn up your Summer:

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