SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH: Method Man AKA Clifford Smith

I first got an eyeful of Method Man back in the early 90’s in the Wu-Tang “C.R.E.A.M.” video. As he intro’ed the video shaking crazily over a flaming barrel like a homeless man, it was even there that all my homegirls took notice. He was actually the massive crush of my best friend growing up, La’Kea.

Shirley, Me and La’Kea (circa 1990-something)

Recently, Elle and I were discussing 90’s boy babes and she reminded me about him…how could I forget!

Method Man was so cool and so hood. He was the kind of guy that scared and excited me, like he would snuff a stranger for looking at his girl the wrong way, but could hold an intellectual conversation about the universe with a foreign exchange student. The type of thug dude who wasn’t as weird as me, but was open to my strange interests and eclectic mix of friends.

His Wu roots added even more to his appeal, but it was also his style. He was different. He was down to go outside the box and at that time, no one in Hip Hop was trying to be “different” or “weird”. Take for instance the cataract contacts he first wore in the “Bring The Pain” video and then again in “I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need” with the half-braided hair. His top and bottom gold fronts with fangs and that time he wore black contacts, piercings and metal fangs for a video…I mean, no one did anything like that and he’s even inspired rappers today to be a bit bolder (maybe he even inspired Tyler The Creator to wear the black contacts he wears).

Of course, it didn’t hurt that he also made music about love which exposed that he was a thug with a heart…ladies, who could say no to that? Take for example, the song (and video) that changed my life “I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need”…what a street love ballad! Years later, he had the incredible track (and video) with D’Angelo “Breakups 2 Makeups” (which stars the incredible Vita).


-He was born on March 2nd 1971, which makes him 42 years old.

-His real name is Clifford Smith.

-He’s a Pisces.

-Is a member of Wu-Tang (I mean, you all must know that…)

-He was born in Hempstead Long Island, and split his time between his dad’s Long Island home and his mom’s place in Park Hill Staten Island (also nicknamed “Killa Hill”. He has 2 sisters named; Terri and Missy.

-In 1996 he won a Grammy for his song “I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need” with Mary J. Blige which was based on “You’re All I Need to Get By” recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell  in 1967.

-In 1999 he became engaged to his wife and they married in 2001. He has four children: two sons (born in 1996 and 2001), and two daughters (born in 1997 and 2003 ).

-He can act! He has been featured on shows like; HBO’s “Oz”, The Wire, The Twilight Zone, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He has also acted in films like; Garden State, One Eight Seven, How High, Soul Plane, The Wackness, Meet The Spartans, The Sitter.

-Method Man is the first of the Wu-Tang Clan to produce a series of eponymous graphic novels for Hachette Book Group USA’s imprint Grand Central Publishing (to be followed by GZA and Ghostface Killah). (via Wikipedia)

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