School Girl Crush: Method Man

Perhaps it’s his thuggish ruggish persona, or maybe it’s his ability to balance his street credibility with his aptitude for business. Either way, Method Man always has and always will have the juice as far as we’re concerned. Born Clifford Smith, his beginnings as a standout in the prolific–not to mention multi-platinum–Wu-Tang collective, his transition into working with his partner in crime Redman, and his roles in several cult classics, Method Man has always maintained his heartthrob-ness.


For whatever reason, we kind of always have a thing for the bad boy. In the ’90s, Wu-Tang embodied New York and collectively personified the streets. When you think of classic New York Hip-Hop, it would kind of be a sin to not think of Wu or any of Method Mans’ contributions to the game. The music was raw, and gutter, representative of the culture that is characteristically associated with the New York lifestyle. Draped in the flyest of bubble jackets, beanies, and timbs–butters of course–you can imagine, it was during the mid ’90s that many of us first laid eyes on the handsome young man. Method Man effortlessly enticed the ladies with his unapologetically Staten Island attitude–aggressive yet smooth, he could sell salt to the sea.

In addition to his time with Wu and Redman, Method Man produced his own ’90s Hip-Hop classics. Arguably some of his most popular tracks include “Da Rockwilder,” “I’ll Be There For You/ You’re All I Need To Get By,” “The What,” and “Bring The Pain.” 

Peep some of his lustiest videos below:

Beyond music, Method Man continued to dazzle us with his roles in 8 Mile, How High, The Fast & Furious, and Gone in 60 Seconds.

Technically speaking, his blatant lack of concern for, let’s say, “etiquette,” could easily have been perceived as off-putting and distasteful. However, it emphasized his insistence on maintaining his individuality despite the level of fame he reached. His apparent defiance was reflective of his music, further supporting his identity as a no-frills type of dude. Most importantly, his defiance enabled him to implement new concepts and visuals into the Hip-Hop world, revolutionizing the “typical” rap approach and pushing the boundaries for what listeners would digest.

Method Man sort of has the bear effect. Bears can be scary, but their power is also mesmerizing. In the same essence, despite his tough exterior, he’s an incredibly  intelligent, graceful, and lusty little thing. Intimidating yet impenitently memorable and attractive. A testament to his calm magnetism, he proudly shows off his family. A loving father and husband, Method Man exhibits his evolution and growth as both an artist and a man. What’s sexier than that?

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