Nas’s ability to create ill lyricism that was hood with just enough intellect has always been the focal point of him as an artist, but that was just a part of what made him so fine. Nas had that mole, that baby face, those eyes, that chipped tooth and a mean mug any New Yorker would appreciate. Many women couldn’t seem to resist him as he’s dated legendary singer, Mary J. Bligde, breifly and there were even rumors of him dating Sade as well! Even the late Amy Winehouse couldn’t take her eyes off of him. But there is more to Nas than his apparent fine looks and spell he casts over the ladies.

Nas has a quality that a lot of people in general lack today, a sense of mystery. As Nas grew in the industry, he grew personally as well, flexing his intellectual and political side more often. Nas’s lyricism, growth, and intelligence made women fall in love even deeper and made his persona even more attractive. When your dad is a jazz player, how could you not drip all that swag?

Born September 14th, 1973 in Brooklyn and raised in Queensbridge Houses, Nas went through a transformation in front of our very eyes and we have always been here for it. In the 1990’s, Nas was the rebel without a cause, the quiet one you needed to keep your eye on. He was raw, reckless with his mouth and did it all without a problem. When the late 90’s and 2000’s came around, Nas not only started to branch out into other realms, such as his role as Sincere in Belly (1998), but he also started to mature and become more mindful of not only himself but what was going on in the world.


Nas began to withdraw from the flashier part of fame. You don’t see much of him in the limelight today, but this isn’t in vain. Where you can catch him is working on one of his many entrepreneurial endeavors. Nas has built and invested in many companies, including media publishing company Mass Appeal, is co-owner of a cloud service for music called LANDR, and has a clothing line called HSTRY, which he just dropped a new collection for. The new collection is to honor Black History Month and to empower youth in urban communities.


Besides Nas’s many entrepreneurial efforts, he has most recently been featured on DJ Khalid’s album, Major Key, on “Nas Album Done” and has mentioned a few teasers of a possible album coming very soon. But also, he has recently executive produced for the hit, eight episode Netflix Orginal Series, The Get Down, which is anticipated for a second season this year.

This man is the absolute dream. After reviewing all of these amazing things that this baby faced kid from the hood has accomplished, can we appreciate his looks again? Talk about finding somebody who can do both!?



Check out 5 things you may not know about Nas:

nas20161) Nas played the trumpet when he was six but his father took it away for fear it would disfigure his lips. (Thanks dad!)

2) He’s a fan of the HBO show, Girls. (Sounds like the perfect date night to me!)

3) He wrote a screenplay called Scared and put up his own money to hire a cast and crew to shoot the film. He has a copy of it but never intends to release it.

4) He sold a painting that he had just finished for $14,000 at Art Basel Miami in 2011. The profits went to charity.

5) His daughter Destiny helped him with choruses and gave him words to rap about on his 5th studio album, Stillmatic. His daughter Destiny is listed as an Executive Producer on Stillmatic so she can always receive royalty checks from the album.

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