#SelfCareSunday: Can’t Beat the Stress? Try A Mind Cleanse

In the age of technology and with so much going on in the world, it can be difficult to put your mind at complete ease. Setting aside time to meditate each day can be extremely beneficial, but what do you do when that is just not enough?

Therapists in the UK and the United States are suggesting Mind Cleanses to their patients who just can’t beat the stress of everyday life. Legendary British healer, Fiona Arrigo, is one of the firsts to offer this practice. A mind cleanse is essentially an abbreviated version of her trademark Arrigo Program which pretty much consists of turning off the outside world completely, but only for a few days.

A five-hour appointment with Fiona in London, India, Spain, New York and more cost around $920. She also leads typically four-day-long retreats in Somerset, England, where guests are asked to abstain from looking at world news and instructed to hand over all of their medication and technology at the starting of the trip. On a cozier note, each visitor is given their own private cottage and personal valet, or “Angel,” as they are called. Your “Angel” will visit daily before your allotted breakfast time to clean and prepare your breakfast. On colder mornings he or she will light a comforting fire for you and make sure there are plenty of logs to hand. Basically, you are on a guided vacation away from technology and people, but very well taken care of. Every day you are sent to your therapist for a daily chat, and then free to bask in your stress-free life.

Some may argue that this program can be executed by one’s self, and that is totally true. However, it’s always better to have someone holding you accountable because it can be rather hard to leave your iPhone off for a few days or not be in the loop of the latest entertainment news.

Fiona Arrigo will return to Manhattan this Spring, leading sessions ranging from 90 minutes to five hours. She will also lead a 10-day retreat in Rajasthan, India, March 7–16. You may visit her website here for more information on how you can get yourself mind cleanse!

I, for one, would definitely invest. Would you? Let us know below!



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