#SelfCareSunday: My Favorite Facial Mask Costs $80 & the Importance of Wellness Routines

Around this time last week, I was preparing for my Black Friday splurge on what is now the most vital purchases in this current stage of my life – beauty, hair and skincare products. Although I am not a firm believer in the multiple-tab syndrome, every site from Sephora to Glossier to Naturally Curly was open as I tried to find the best deals to alleviate the financial pains of my (increasingly) expensive beauty regimens. On Black Friday, I went to my nearest Sephora to buy a new mascara, and left with a sample of the Peter Thomas Roth gold mask which costs $80 – and which will now somehow someway find a way into my (broke) lifestyle.

If there is one thing I do not play with, it is my beauty and skin care routines. For example, I only use Alba Botanica body lotion and Trader Joe’s coconut oil to moisturize my skin. I take hair gummies, biotin and vitamin D pills as often as I can remember. I wash my face with Cetaphil or Korres Black Pine Detoxifying Mineral Bar every morning and night. I follow with a homemade rose water I bought at a Bushwick nail salon, Local Honey. I have three different day creams and vitamin E oil lined up next to my three pack of serums from Glossier. And I just ordered a new moisturizing moon mask, Lush “Honey” lip scrub, a knock-off Clarisonic from Amazon, and a jade face roller – all while still on the search for the perfect exfoliating scrub, night cream,  and a natural bar soap to replace my Dove bars so that I can wake up every morning feeling like I just left the spa. I’m also contemplating on giving in and purchasing the KNC beauty lip mask.

I don’t know how much this is costing me every month, and quite frankly I’m afraid to calculate. But truth be told, even if my dedication and research to finding and trying the perfect products, and my endless subscriptions to Into the Gloss and other newsletters sharing insider secrets were costing me a pretty penny, I probably wouldn’t stop. This is something I felt guilty over for a very long time. However, I found solace in realizing I may not be the only one. First and foremost, my skincare routines and products are childish compared to those I title “Baby Bottom Gods” (think our very own Vashtie, Alicia Keys, Lupita Nyong’o, Phoebe Lovatt for starters). Second, there is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in the vitality and overall health of your skin, your hair, your face. After all, that is the same as investing in YOU. A strict routine to abide by is nothing but an ode to the affirmation that you are important to you.

However, what does it mean when all your doing is purchasing $100 night creams with hopes of being Naomi Campbell flawless, but you don’t exercise, or eat properly, or get enough sleep, or drink enough water? Those are things I am guilty of, and was why I felt guilty about my beauty regimens in the first place. And for that, maybe I should. The act of investing in beauty products and skin care products needs to be synonymous with how you treat and invest in your internal wellness. There are one in the same with promoting and caring for your overall being. A strict beauty regimen has nothing to do with how much you can dish out on the latest product or trend. Strict regimens should be about the practice of putting dedication into your overall health and does not need to supersede your budget (Vashtie is always sharing her beauty routines and never forgets to start her day with meditation and lemon water). The most important thing, is this is an overall indication of how you care for your health, both inside and out.

But if you happen to splurge on something that you think works well for you, then that is perfectly okay too! It’s about finding the balance where we aren’t overly obsessed with topical products working miracles on our skin or hair, whilst forgetting that beauty really does come from within. So as I continue to contemplate this gold mask, I’m actively rethinking my fitness goals and how I can accomplish them before the year ends. And I promise to a protein filled green salad for dinner with glass of the coldest water I can find.

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