#SelfCareSunday: A Spring Energy Cleanse for Your Home

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This winter has teased us with some days closely mimicking Spring. But it won’t be official until March 20th. In preparation, some start packing up cold weather clothes and hanging up spring outfits in their place or may do some much needed deep house cleaning. But our homes need to be spiritually cleansed too. We need to make sure that cleansing happens inside and outside of our bodies so that we vibrate at our highest levels. When past or negative energies are removed, we provide space for and invite new energies into our homes. According to Purification Energy Healer® Roland BuddhaHawk, there are a few ways to quickly cleanse one’s home with easy to find oils, crystals or décor items.

1.   Try adding a few drops of essential oil of spearmint to a pail of warm water. Soak a rag in the water, wring it out, and use it to clean the outside of your front door. As you do so, be conscious that you are clearing the negative away and inviting in positive energy and blessings to flow into your home.

2.   To prepare for opening windows on warmer days, hang fairy bells or chines outside of your home as close to a window as you can. As you clean the inside of your house, the sound of the bells or chimes will create a positive vibration that will clear away negative energy.

3.   Burning sage, palo santo or copal will lift the vibration of your home. Start from the bottom up in your space and be sure to cover the corners. This is where energy collects words, thoughts, and illnesses that have occurred. Play uplifting music during this ritual and on a regular basis to keep the energy light. Also light candles with the intention to bring in divine beings of love and light. Flowers are also vibration lifters as well as sprays made of moonlight infused water or Florida water and essential oils. Drop a few crystals in the sprays for added vibrational lift.

4.   Once your place is cleansed, place black tourmaline in the corners of rooms where there may be higher traffic or reason for lower vibration.

We hope that these steps will help you to have a positive, balanced and vibrationally high Spring!

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