#SelfCareSunday: Stepping Away From Social Media To Detox

As we finish the second week of 2018, our goals are still in the forefront of our minds. We’ve mapped out ways to conquer these goals, but social media continues to be a distraction of choice.  The average person spends a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes per day on their favorite social media accounts. It speaks on how addictive and potentially distracting social culture can be. If we stepped away from the internet, we could benefit from reconnecting with the real world.

In August, Vashtie took a 2.5 week long digital detox to work off the mindless babble from the internet. Consequently, I wrote an article about taking time to detox from the internet and how it can be beneficial to your mental health. Social media can take an emotional and mental toll on us and our self-esteem. By focusing on all of the achievements and lifestyles of others, we find ourselves comparing their lives to our own. Comparisons that can be harmful to our goals, leading to creating unrealistic timelines and being disappointed. However, by spending time offline, we can regain control over our own lives and get back on track to what matters most.

Studies show that people who spends a lot of time on the internet are prone to feel more lonely and isolated than those who don’t. When we feel lonely and secluded from others, we don’t have the motivation to push ourselves to the finish line. We tend to feel sorry for ourselves and allow the sense of uselessness to take over, creating hopelessness. Small mood-boosting actions such as; going to the movies, eating out, or going to concerts can improve your overall mood about life. When you start to feel good about life, your life, you tend to want more of that good feeling.

Walking away from the internet is not easy, especially for a social media addict such as myself. But by prepping yourself as you would a marathon, you can gradually work yourself up to days and even weeks away. You can start by putting your phone down for 15 minutes the first day, the next day 30 minutes and the third day 45 minutes. As the days go by, you increase the time you spend away from your phone by 15 minutes. You can also plan one day of the week away from social media,to spend time with yourself without the internet. Sundays are probably the best choice, as it’s synonymous to rest and relaxation.

We subconsciously download so many ideas, opinions, thoughts and patterns from others that we lose ourselves in the process. The same way a computer malfunctions when it is overloaded with too much data and programs, our brains suffers from the same fate. By occasionally coming up for air, you are giving yourself the opportunity to view things on a different spectrum. You are escaping the matrix and the illusions that people on the internet lives by, to regain balance and serenity. You owe it to yourself and your goals to hone in focus back on you.


A big believer in the advancement of the culture, Megan Ambers supports celebrating the trailblazers in the game. Prior to starting her own pop culture website, Megan worked a number of years as both a staff writer and Public Relations specialist. It's time to push society forward and embrace a new way of thinking.

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