#SelfCareSunday: Visit a Sound Bath

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In New York City, there are so many options for holistic healing and relaxation in 30 minutes or less. Yoga, Himalayan salt beds, reiki healing or aromatherapy are among the options one could choose to shed any accumulating anxiety, doubts and stress. Sound baths in particular have been rising in popularity. Sound baths are an ancient tradition that predates the Bible. They are meant to relax your mind and soul through the vibrating sound given off by Tibetan singing bowls. The theory is that the vibrations will reduce anxiety, lower heart rates, improve one’s mood and cleanse chakras. They’re even rumored to be more affective than traditional meditation. I’m always up for a new holistic trend. While in Washington, DC for the weekend, I went to recharj with a friend. Here’s what I learned.

It’s a more passive than interactive experience.
Most of the new age experiences that I’ve had require me to bend, breathe on cue while sweating heavily. Sometimes I find the experience clarify and sometimes I don’t. But this particular studio let everyone sit still or lie down on very plush body pillows. Oh, and weighted sleep masks, blankets and tea were provided. As we mediated, we allowed the sound waves to physically and metaphysically roll over our bodies. I definitely felt the vibrations in my joints especially. It was pretty soothing.

You may fall asleep and that’s okay.
I did, briefly. The calm that I felt during the experience was similar to the calm I feel in a meditation class. But since I wasn’t required to sit in a lotus pose, sleepiness set in. It was one of the best mini naps I’ve ever had.

Everyone’s experience is different. Your intent determines your results.
I went into the experience with an open mind because I’d grown up with singing bowls in my favorite cousin’s house. So I knew what the benefits were. But I hadn’t been in a group setting with a singing bowl guru leading the session. I was seeking peace and tranquility and that’s what I got. The effects of my natural high lasted for the rest of the night, which was about 4 hours.

I’m glad I had the experience. I would recommend it to others. It surprisingly required minimal effort for the results.

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