#SelfCareSunday:20 positive thinking exercises that stimulate happiness & good health

Rather you need help being more optimistic within your workplace, around your own family, or just need an adjustment to your daily attitude, all of these things interconnect and influence the overall thoughts and thinking patterns curated by the self . Even though we often rather just shrug off our thoughts or just throw the whole thought away, modifying our ways of thinking is the ultimate key to not only altering our perception within the present but also aids us in improving our own health and quality of life we live.

Here are 20 tips that can help you form a lifestyle that not only feels good but is good for you:

  1. Only use positive words when talking (rather that’s to yourself or others).
  2. Progressively eliminate feelings that don’t seem positive.
  3. Use words and sentences that evoke strength and success. 
  4. Practice positive affirmations.
  5. Don’t let rejection stop you.
  6. Give yourself credit.
  7. Sit up straight
  8. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
  9. Visualize positive outcomes.
  10. Relax and let things happen. 
  11. Don’t dwell. 
  12. Stop being your own worst critic.
  13. Believe in yourself. 
  14. Associate yourself with those who think positively.
  15. Remind yourself of your blessings.
  16. Engage in physical activity
  17. Realize that your thoughts do not own you. 
  18. Take time to figure out what you want for yourself.
  19. Believe you deserve good things.
  20. Find the bright side of every situation.

Jaconna is a 21 year old writer and interviewer as well as the editorial producer and creative director of Everything Boisterous (www.eboisterous.com)in which caters to reflecting the lifestyle, fashions, and talents of creative and unique individuals (from the likes of Well$ to COMPLEX'S Jinx and many more). IG: forever_salene ;Twitter: @Chipsahjoy/ @stayboisterous

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