Sesame Street Turned 50 and We’re Still Relieving It’s Most Memorable Moments

The ever so loving television show, Sesame Street celebrated its 50th anniversary on November 10th. For many years Sesame Street has been a beloved television show for children that is highly educational and informative. The children’s TV show has developed a way to educate kids at a appropriate level to where they can grasp and comprehend the information that is being bestowed upon them. Teaching about having a self-confidence, racism, diversity and so much more. Sesame Street in my own opinion is a profound TV show that tackles on social and political issues throughout the world.

Below, we pick some of the best moments from the delightful TV show.

  • Goodbye Mr. Hooper

Actor Will Lee, played Mr.Hooper on Sesame Street since the very beginning of the show, in 1969. He later died from a heart attack in 1983 and the creators of the show addressed his death directly on the show. Explaining the concept of death to kids. In the episode, Big Bird remembers that Mr.Hooper has died but continues to believe that his friend will return. His real human friends come to his care and informs him that Mr.Hooper will not be returning.

This was one of the most defining moments of Sesame Street that was telling the bold truth about dealing with losing a loved one to children.

  • Meeting Julia

In 2017, Sesame Street introduced a new muppet character named Julia. A muppet who has autism. This was a special and endearing episode for one of the muppeteers, Stacey Gordon as her son also has autism. In an interview with 60 minutes she states “Had my son’s friends been exposed to his behaviors through something that they had seen on TV before they experienced them in the classroom, they might not have been frightened”.

  • Facing HIV/AIDS

In the South African version of the show, called “Takalani Sesame”. In 2002, The show introduces Kami, a muppet who is HIV-positive. Kami is a energetic and dynamic character whose name also means acceptance. With her debut she shows children that they can still live happy and normal lives even with being HIV-positive.

  • Celebrating Natural Hair

In a 2010 episode of Sesame Street, the show celebrates natural hair. Living in a nation where women of color, especially black women are being ridiculed for their own natural hair was an episode that was needed. The head writer and muppeteer of the show, Joey Mazzarino wrote the song for his 5-year-old daughter whom he and his wife adopted from Ethiopia. The lyrics were inspired by Mazzarino finding out his daughter wanted to have long, blond and straight hair.

  • Meeting Lily, the muppet who is homeless

The muppet character, Lily made her debut back in 2011 to give depictions of homeless and food insecurity. In this episode, Sesame Street addresses this issue by talking about not getting enough food and how there are families who just don’t make enough income. In regards to homelessness, it’s been estimated about 2.5 million children in the U.S. experience homelessness every year, according to a 2014 report from the National Center for Family Homelessness.

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