Shonda Rhimes moves to Netflix

Shonda Rhimes’ has made a decision to leave ABC Studios for Netflix. What this means is that any new series the superstar producer creates will now belong to Netflix.

Rhimes has been one of primetime’s most reliable hit makers over the last years since her first-ever series, “Grey’s Anatomy,” became a force for ABC. The choice to move to Netflix wasn’t a personal one, just a better opportunity for creative freedom with her Shondaland factory.

Taking a look at the success that Rhimes has had only helped to paint the African American women in a better light in the entertainment industry. Being a woman in a predominately male dominated industry is hard but add on the fact that she is African American only makes her success seem like a win for us all.

Rhimes’ success has helped create a new era of “diversity” on television. On-screen her black women characters are elite professional women whose work lives showcase their success. Her beloved shows include “Grey’s Anatomy,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” and “Scandal”. All of her shows showcase women in general as doctors, lawyers, and women in the world of politics. They also showcase a multitude of multiracial casts.

This move to Netflix doesn’t mean that we won’t get our loved Thursday showings of the her hit shows anymore as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “ HTGAWM,” and “Scandal” will still play on ABC.

Her new Netflix shows will include “For the People” and the untitled “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff revolving around firefighters.

Netflix will provide a variety of generous things for Shondaland and its employees. Rhimes herself will see upfront payments for her work on various shows.

What may seem like a major loss for ABC studios and a bad move on Rhimes’ end, since Netflix has recently revealed to be in $20 billion worth of debt, might just be the best thing to happen to online streaming. Hopefully, Rhimes continues to do great things as she makes history and opens more doors for women in the world of television.


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