Should McDonald’s Bring the “McVegan” Burger to America?


When McDonald’s recently announced the introduction of a vegan burger in Sweden and Finland, Twitter responded with a mix of enthusiasm, a little disgust, and a touch of curiosity from those who swore they’d never even go near Mc Donald’s after watching “Supersize Me” back in 2004.  While it is only normal to have mixed emotions about this occurrence, it seems that McDonalds may be earnestly revolutionizing the way we look at Vegan food, and also making it more accessible to those who want healthier options but do not have access to the luxury of plant-based food.

The sandwich, which has already been tested at a handful of McDonald’s locations in Finland, consists of a soy patty, bun, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onion, ketchup, mustard, oil and an egg-less sandwich sauce.

“Like our other burgers, the McVegan is tasty and has a good texture,” said McDonald’s (MCD) spokesperson Henrik Nerell.

The meatless burger, which was developed in partnership with a specialty Norwegian food company called Orkla, could help the American chain capitalize on increased demand for vegetarian and vegan foods. McDonald’s said the burger will be on its permanent menu in the two countries, as a response to a huge influx of people wanting to eat plant-based food that is better for the environment.

“As the main ingredient is plant-based, the McVegan is considered to have a smaller climate impact,” McDonald’s said.

Currently, there is a petition to bring the McVegan burger to all McDonald’s franchises in the United States on So far, 118,331 people have joined the cause and signed off on it. It’ll be interesting to see if Americans really do want the McVegan burger, and if so, if it’ll really be a benefit to those looking for plant based alternatives.

Would you try a McVegan burger if it was sold in America? Let us know!


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