It’s a show that’s real as it is funny, “That’s The Gag” by Keke Palmer

When it comes to Keke Palmer, she’s not only a fabulous actor, singer, and author but she is the very person that had everyone (from your hairstylist to your best friend) saying “BUT THE GAG IS..” every time there is tea that needs to be spilled, a truth to be told, or a situation that needs to be put to rest. The saying became so popular that Keke decided to turn the expression into her own web-series entitled That’s the Gag.

Recently the star debuted the series’ first episode in which introduces us to the grown up star living in a crazy world that we typically identify as Hollywood. From running into All That OG Lori Beth at an audition to being kicked out by security and meeting Jay Versace.  After numerous people not recognizing as the star she is, she decides that she going to tackle becoming a comedic actress to get her name back out there. It’s a show that meets the ups and downs in showbiz with a twist. Check out the first episode below and let us know what you think !


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