Doin’ It Well: Smoothie Queen, No Dairy

As a vegan, there are two questions I hear all the time: What do you even eat? Where do you get your protein? Like, it never fails! We’ll be here for a while if I explained the array of options vegans/vegetarians actually consume. So today I’ll just stick to my favorite break-fast, smoothies! My mum has been mixing up some fruits in a yummy concoction for us way before I transitioned to being a vegan. I call her the Smoothie Queen. Some of her blends have become some of my staples, with slight modifications.

What a difference greens can make! A good base for a power-packed smoothie is either kale and or spinach; it’s almost a necessity for me. Did you know there’s 2.9 grams of protein in one cup of kale? And try comparing 100 calories of spinach and ground beef, I’m sure you’d the think the beef was a better source. Actually! Fresh baby spinach beats out the meat with 2 whole grams at 12g to 10. Might I add, they’re both a great source of iron.

Now we add the colourful, sweeter yet still healthy stuff, the fruits! Bananas carry such a powerful flavor it can almost make you believe the greens aren’t there. Especially when ripe. But there’s almost one fruit that I always recommend adding to any blend you create, blueberries! Yes, these tiny little ash-blue fruits got it all. They’re bursting with antioxidants which helps your body fight off dangerous pathogens, carries proanthocyanidin, which is basically an anti-aging property and who doesn’t want that? This tiny fruit can offer you so much–like a healthy heart and cancer fighting power! But I’ll stop rambling now.

Another great addition is the mighty flaxseed. Probably didn’t expect that one, huh? Small in size yet big with fiber, which is sometimes over looked by most people. Fiber gets things moving, if you know what I mean! Soluble fiber aids in fighting visceral fat, that’s the fat that surrounds your internal organs, vital for a healthy life. Oranges are a great source. Insoluble fibers found in raspberries makes you feel slimmer as you make your regular visits to the potty. Flaxseeds is a source of both, when ground they are soluble and insoluble when shelled. So take advantage of this double the pleasure grain.

Best advice though, get creative! Taste the actual rainbow with fruits and veggies. Apples, pineapples, strawberries, kiwis, oranges, beets, pears, bananas, mangos, blue/black/and raspberries, carrots, the list goes on. There are so many benefits compacted within these produce. Always research your ingredients, what they carry and how they play off on one another, will it help you achieve what it is you’re looking for? But of course, does it taste good?!

Ps. adding ice to your smoothie makes it so chilling good! And did you notice, we said nothing about dairy!

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