Snapping in Style with Snapchat Spectacles


Have you ever wished you could add something to your Snapchat story, but didn’t want to bring out you phone? Well now it’s possible! Snapchat has released Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses that snap! They come in three different colors, and look good on pretty much anyone. The glasses can take up to 100 10 second snaps on each charge. Watch a video below of the Snapchat Spectacles experience via Hypebeat below.

Now like me you’re probably thinking, this is so cool, but when would I ever use it. I have a couple ideas.

1. Take pictures without being detected.

Have you ever been somewhere and you see a gorgeous person, then you slickly try to take out your phone to get a picture to show your friends, and then bam the flash goes off and then your heart sinks to your stomach. Well now with a quick little push of a button you can be 007 and take that slick pic. . .well snap.

2. Faster Snap action!

Literally these glasses could take your 2017 snap style to a whole new level. Could you imagine how great your snap game could be if you didn’t have to pull out your phone, find the app, wait for the camera to figure out what it’s doing, and then finally be able to snap. By this time the moment is over, you missed it. But with the glasses, you’ll never miss anything ever again!

3. Living in the moment.

Completely immerse yourself in the moment! Spectacles will let you snap anything without having to take your eyes off of it. Have you ever been at a concert or a sports game, and there is this pull between do I take my phone out or not. If you record it you can save memories for later, but if you don’t you can be completely in the moment. With the glasses you can do both!  You’ll never miss out on a moment, and you can also save them for later.

Spectacles are very limited, and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on them, they are on sale for $130. There is a store on 5 E 59th St, New York, NY open from 10am-10pm through Feb. 19th. You can also “try on” the Spectacles using a Snapchat filter, you can find on

Happy snapping!

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