Social Media Is Facilitating The Search For Missing D.C. Teens

We all have been receiving the heartbreaking news about the Black and Latino teenagers in the D.C area going missing. Within the past year there have been reports that young girls and boys like 14 year old Shaniah Boyd featured above, are critically missing. In the month of March alone, there has been a rapid increase in missing D.C. teens, a dozen of which occurring in the last two weeks. NBC released a daily updated, interactive map showing the locations where the teens were last seen. The Black and Missing Foundation has been interacting with the community and several meetings have been taken place around the area to get to the bottom of this.

As of now, it is still unknown if any of the events are related or whether or not the FBI has responded to Congress members’ recent request to help. Many concerned locals, celebrities, and families of the victims, are not satisfied with the actions made by the D.C. police or coverage by local and national media. They have taken matters into their own hands, to social media, to assist in locating the teens and to express their frustrations. You too can join the fight to locate these missing teenagers with just one retweet. It can go a long way.

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