SOLACE SUNDAY: Crystal Healing 101

Crystal healing is a form of alternative medicine that uses crystals in order to promote physical and spiritual healing. The practice goes back nearly 6,000 years, and it is said that ancient Egyptians believed in the mystical power of crystals. Each crystal has special qualities that help support different parts of your physical and spiritual body. Recently, the popularity of crystals has grown, making room for products such as crystal yoni eggs, smoking accessories, and even sex toys. Crystals can also be used to help amplify your intentions during full and new moon rituals.

Crystals For Love

Rose quarts is one of the most popular crystals as it helps its users to heal the heart chakra and attract love – self love self love as well as love from others. You can also use rose quartz to help you move on after a break up.

Rhodonite is a stone similar to rose quartz, as it works with the heart chakra and increases self love. Rhodonite can help calm anger, decrease anxiety and stress, and bring emotional balance.

Crystals For Money and Career

Citrine is known as the merchants stone. This gem can help you to manifest abundance as well as increase personal power. Citrine also eliminates negative energies, which makes it a great protection stone. Try saging a check or a stack of money and then placing a piece of citrine on top to increase your funds!

Calcite comes in a variety of colors, but each one is good for something different. Green calcite helps to increase growth in whatever area you are focusing on. You can also use it while gardening to help produce better plants.

Crystals For Health

As you probably guessed, bloodstone helps to purify your blood. Bloodstone can also help promote emotional balance and provide support before, during and after the birthing process.

Turquoise has been used throughout history as the stone of royalty and for trade. Kings and queens were buried with turquoise placed over their eyes for immortality. Turquoise strengthens, making it good for exhaustion. Tibetan or Chinese turquoise can be used to clear the throat chakra.

Crystals For Intuition

Amethyst is a very popular stone in the crystal community. It is known for it’s calming elements and dream enhancement. By working with the third eye chakra, amethyst increases your intuition and psychic abilities.

Rainbow moonstone not only increases your intuition, but helps women get in touch with their inner goddess. For men, it can help you balance your emotions and heighten creativity.

Basically, by the middle of your crystal healing journey you’ll be looking like this guy:

Happy Solace Sunday!

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