#SolaceSunday: Meditation Essentials

We always hear how beneficial meditation is. At this point, it’s undeniable that taking time to silence your mind works wonders! But let’s be honest, everyone meditates differently. Some people don’t even know the basics of meditating, which is why it’s not added to their daily routine.

Well, no worries! The most difficult part is just bringing yourself to do it. How you meditate and the regimen you choose is totally up to you. Some people combine yoga with meditation, while others choose to meditate either right before bed or when they wake up–like Vashtie! It’s all about what makes you most comfortable, at ease and fits your daily schedule.

Still feeling like there are too many options to start your own routine? Here are a few essentials that can help you develop a meditation regimen:

A quiet space for concentrating – Obviously, this is important, especially if you may be a beginner. I find that my quietest space and time is in a corner in my living room in the evening. I like to face towards the wall so that my eyes don’t wander too much. Whatever works for your piece of peace!

Something comfy to lay or sit on – This is crucial for your comfort while you meditate. Being comfortable is important because being uncomfortable will be just another reason to not focus on meditating.

Light an incense and/or candle – Not only does the incense and candle give pleasant smells but it also gives you something else to focus on if your mind starts to wonder. Watching the flame or smoke dance in the air can be entrancing and you won’t realize that your mind was blank until you snap out of it.

Essential oil – Essential oils help heighten, or calm, your senses to enhance concentration in meditation. Some really good ones to start with are lavender, chamomile or myrrh– which all have calming elements to them. Myrrh is my favorite for just about anything.

A dope soundtrack – Good music will always be meditative, but make sure that your meditation playlist doesn’t make you twerk more than meditate! If music is too distracting, there’s loads of meditative music that you find on YouTube to play for hours!

A mantra/focus word – Having a focus word or phrase assists in re-centering yourself when you’ve lost track on why you were mediating in the first place. Not only are you refocusing, but these words are used to affirm and manifest!

A journal – When I meditate, I keep a journal on hand to capture any thoughts that float into my head. Whether it was a distraction or a really great quote I made up on the spot, I always keep tabs. This is a great way to track your meditation progress as well.

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