#SolaceSunday: Maximizing Your Time For Peace With A Routine

Let’s face it: Sometimes we make ourselves busier than we really are. Does procrastination sound familiar? We have the tendency to crowd our time with noise and not enough productivity. In the long run, it leads to less time for some self-care.

If you watch Vashtie’s Instastories, you’ll notice she always has some sort of a morning routine, no matter her schedule! Whether it is meditating, telling her kitty to get a job or working out, there is a routine she always follows. One of my favorites being her Morning G.L.O. recipe. Have you seen it? Learn more about it here.

Whether you utilize an all day routine or just a portion, it helps create and maintain discipline to ensure you have the time to complete other things on your agenda!

Routines are healthy because they form habits. Habits are not always a bad thing, as long as you’re using them productively. In this sense, we are learning to use routines to maximize our time for ourselves and our personal peace because that is important, too!

Here are five apps available on most smart phones to help you organize and maintain a routine!

Calendar and Reminder Apps – Don’t sleep on these apps! Calendars are the easiest way to help track what you are doing day to day. Your reminder app will alert you of things you may forget throughout the day, like taking deep breaths or feeding your pet!

Moment – This app helps monitor your phone usage. Most of us look at our phones way too much, which is very distracting to the commitment of our routines. This app tells you how much time you look at your phone daily and has features that can track what apps you use the most and set daily limits!

30/30 – This app is for helping you time your routine duties in thirty minute intervals. Sometimes we pay more attention to one task and neglect the others. Whether you choose to move on or not is up to you. Still, this is a good tool to help create the habit of being disciplined!

Sworkit – This app assists in creating a workout routine tailored for your everyday life. If you only have a slot of ten minutes a day that you can work out, this app will create a full body blast workout for you for ten minutes! There’s no excuse not to do it now!

Calm – This app offers free guided meditation in many intervals. Not only is this great for when you finally get your down time, but it’s also for those tough moments you may have throughout your day.

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