#SOLACESUNDAY: What’s In Your Bliss Kit?

Often times, we live such busy lives that we forget about ourselves throughout the day. Sometimes this could even carry over into weeks! In order to maintain ourselves, we must be aware of our limits, set boundaries and have ways to bring ourselves back to grounding. So, with that said, what are the things you carry with you to do that?

Inspired by wellness influencer, Hey Fran Hey via The Friend Zone Podcast, is a bliss kit – a mental and spiritual health stash tailored by you that helps bring your mind back home in the midst of craziness. Your bliss kit is to take with you everywhere, should include the simple things that help make you happy and incite a sense of mild euphoria for you in the moment. Instead of using our phones as a distraction, your stash will be there for you and will even be ten times better.


How do you create your bliss kit? Well, that’s up to you! There is no wrong way to do this. Try thinking about what some of your favorite things are that keep you calm and make you smile? Your bliss kit is a way to cater to yourself away from home. This could be discreetly or not. Just remember, this is your piece of peace away from home.

Having a little trouble figuring it out? Here are some ideas and when you’ve got it down, let us know what some of your bliss kit will include!

Keep a “Keep Calm” playlist on hand – As long as you have your headphones, you will always have a little piece of bliss on you at all times to help boost your positivity when you need it most.

Writing down what’s on your mind – I have MANY journals to help organize the many things I do. But when I’m on the go, I keep a small notebook to write down my many random thoughts throughout the day.

Need to escape from your mind – Carry around a book! Of course to conserve space in your bag, e-books work just as well for a mini escape.

Need a quick pick me up – Keeping some candy, mints or gum on hand is always blissful for me!

Needs some softness – Moisturized hands and lips are always something that always makes me feel confident. Although you can easily make salve at home, one of my favorites is C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve. Check out the benefits of salve here!

Need some positive energy – Don’t be afraid to carry your stones and gems with you to protect your energy! Also, essential oils are great to carry for a holistic pick me up!

Need some soothing – Carrying a packet of tea, and maybe even some honey, around with you could never do any wrong.


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