Some Blue For Your Lids

If you’ve been scrolling through make up tutorials and have been seeing a particular color often, don’t fret! The color blue is finally getting some shine, on your lids that is. Remember when last year’s eye look focused on rose gold and lost of shimmer, well this year its all about blue. Wearing blue eye shadow used to be synonymous with the 80’s but not any more. This particular blue is bright, vibrant, and definitely hard to miss. Did all of the make up guru’s up and decide that blue was the eye shadow of the year? Not quite, this has a lot to do with palettes and the power of influence.

Eye shadow palettes are filled with options like most make up palettes and the use of colors is totally up to you. Although, we’re only four months into 2018, there has been a number of eyeshadow palette releases. But coincidently palettes aren’t just giving you neutral tones; some are giving you a pop of color. This pop of color in particular is blue and comes in different bright shades of the hue. A quick trip to your local drug store, Sephora, or Ulta and you’ll see just how many palettes this year have a shade of blue in them. Here are a few to check out soon.

Pat McGrath Labs, Mothership IV:Decadence

Kat Von D: I Am Divine

NYX: Love You So Mochi

Violet Voss: Rainbow Palette


Yes, the color blue can be intimidating or daunting but there is a shade of blue out there for every one. No matter your eye color, there is a shade of blue eye shadow out there waiting to compliment your beautiful eyes. Of course there is an eye shadow palette within your budget, plus who knows if bright blue eye shadow will still be a look this time next year.

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