SPECIAL DELIVERY: Kenzo Quilted Blanket via Paris Fall 2013 Show x La Samaritaine

As you guys know, I was just in Paris for Fashion Week to play attend the Kenzo Fall 2013 Runway Show and to play their after-party at The Balajo.

The Runway Show took place at La Samaritaine, which was an incredibly beautiful vacant space originally used as a large department store and built in 1869. The place was decorative and filled with these massive and intricate stairways. The space was phenomenal but bone-chilling cold.

On the benches arranged for the show were these complimentary quilted Kenzo blankets, with buttons so that it could be worn as a poncho. They were printed with a giant Kenzo logo and the name of the space and the date of the show. There were different colors; from yellow to navy to mustard…

I sat on mine and then post show ran to take some footage of the models who had gathered across the staircase to be photographed.

I came back to find that my blanket was gone and I was terribly sad. I told the fine folks at Kenzo and they said they were fresh out…BUT THEN, out of nowhere…they found one and sent it my way!!! I am so happy and I am thanking my little stars for being bestowed this incredible piece!

Special thanks to the lovely folks at Kenzo and Letizia for taking care of me!

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