How To Stay Positive on Your Vegan Journey

I hate to say this, but being a vegan can be hard sometimes. I’ve been trying for almost two years with much success, but there are times where I give in and indulge. Your taste buds change, and after a while all meat just tastes dead–regardless of how you season it. Weakness may come, but how can you avoid food temptation?

Be Prepared

Moments of weakness often come when you have no other options. Meal planning is essential as a vegan since most things contain meat, dairy, or ingredients that are derived from them. Choose one day of the week to make your lunch in order to make your week run smoothly. Best of all, making your own food can save you tons of money!

Think Of The Consequences

Okay, maybe that piece of chicken will be delicious. But will it be worth it? Animal products change your body’s chemistry in more ways than one. Re-introducing those proteins to your diet can mean a change in body odor, sex organ fluids, and energy levels.

Remember Why You Do It

Sometimes it feels like carnivores have all the fun. All the restaurants, all the festivals, basically any food venue, caters to them, making the grass seem way greener on the other side. The truth is, although it may seem like they’re having all the funΒ now, veganism ensures for a better future. Not only are there health benefits, but the environmental benefits are pretty staggering. According to scientists, meat releases a ton of carbon dioxide, with beef taking the lead. It’s said that if most people cut down their meat intake to 2-3 times a week, it could positively affect the earth.

So the next time you’re feeling like you’re going to give up, remember: not only are you saving yourself, but you’re saving the world!






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