Sticks & Stones: It’s Time to be Kind to Celebrities

We’ve improperly assumed that being a celebrity means you don’t have any problems. The happiness from money, fame, and prestige, should put you on such a high that nothing can bring you down. FALSE. In this day and age, where many people have experienced mental health issues, and social media can push anybody into anxiety, why would celebrities be exempt?

Celebrities are regular people on a bigger platform. They are normal people, with personal struggles, family issues, and insecurities, who are thrust into the public eye because of the work they do. A handful of them would prefer to do their work and not be recognized.

So if everyday people have stress or anxiety overwork, family, and finances, how much more stress for them whose personal lives are on display? How much more for someone who has to manage employees, keep an eye on their finances, connect with the public, and still try to maintain a “normal” home life? A lot more.

Think of it this way: most people know that their job is secure as long as they do as expected. Celebs must create art and hope that it is good enough to be accepted by the masses. If we don’t buy what they sell, they could be out of a job. If someone looks or performs better, they are no longer needed. Therefore, they must constantly improve their craft and appearance.

Now we can understand why Bryson Tiller took a break from the industry. He may have simply been overwhelmed. Nothing special, we’ve all used a PTO day when it was just too much. In addition, the happenings of celebrities’ personal lives are under public scrutiny. Breakups, family issues, child-rearing, and body changes are all topics of public discussion and criticism. It’s amazing that Lizzo lasted on Twitter for as long as she did. How would you like to wake up every day to hear other people’s thoughts about YOUR body? Summer Walker also made a point to openly share her social anxieties with the world only to be told she’s faking it or she will get over it.

The bottom line is: this is not a joke. These are real people.

Despite all of this, some people will still tear down celebrities for their own amusement. It needs to stop. Everyone is capable of experiencing hardship; even the pretty, popular, and rich ones. Let’s be kind to each other.

Let’s make 2020 a year that we acknowledge celebrities as humans and treat everyone with more respect for their boundaries.

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