Stonie Blue Releases “Move Me” an Everlasting Dance EP

When you think of dance music, a few things may pop in your head: Ariana Grande swinging her pony tail, Calvin Harris jamming out on a stage with 9 million watts of laser behind him, or packed club with everyone surprisingly jumping on beat. For Stonie Blue, dance music so much more. The New York based producer, DJ, and coveted 1992 party selector, easily gives you your first glimpse into the dance world, if you haven’t already visited. The Move Me EP sits at six tracks long which effortlessly fall into one another as if you were listening to the same song on repeat. Our favorite track is Look Good Feel Good, which repeats the mantra giving us the affirmation we needed this morning. The track accompanies a subtle baseline, but still does the production justice. With help from Lino Martinez, The Josh Craig and Stephanie Bastet, it’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

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