Stuntin’ Has Always Been A Habit For Bow Wow

Shad Moss aka Bow Wow has had quite a week. To many, his recent debacle may be good for laughs, but let’s not forget the man was a super star. It has been almost 20-years since the Ohio-bred rapper dropped debut album, Beware of Dog,  in 2000. Throughout his career, he has dropped five albums, hosted 106 & Park and even took on acting. Flashback to those private jet moments and remember him in his prime. Oh, and according to Shad, he is responsible for the careers of many (insert blushing wide-eyed emoji). Check out what he said on a recent interview on Desus and Mero:

“[Fans] wouldn’t even know half these guys that they love today if it wasn’t for the [Scream] platform,” stated Bow Wow. “I put Trey Songz on his first tour ever. I put Omarion on his first tour ever. I put Chris Brown on his first tour ever, which was the Scream tour. Ciara’s first tour ever was the Scream Tour.”

Regardless how much credit people want to give Bow Wow and the statement above, he once was beloved. Young folk surely couldn’t wait for the Scream Tour to hit their city. Enjoy Bow Wow’s classic stuntin’ habits with a revisit to “Fresh Azimiz” featuring Mike Jones below:

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