STYLE: #GucciGoals — My Obsession With Gucci

There are many fashion institutions we’ve grown up subjected to and just knew to. Whether or not they’re actually currently relevant is a matter of debate and preference but it’s safe to say whenever you see something from one of these brands you always knew it was them and appreciated them for having longevity in an industry as fickle as fashion. In my 25 short years of life I’ve seen and heard the name “Gucci” more than I can count, but very rarely did I see something out of the ordinary that really made me want to say “Holy shit, Gucci is snapping right now.”

Of course, the classic monogrammed stuff is cool, as well as the clean green and red stripe. However outside of those staple assets of the house, I rarely saw anything that said “Kolby, this is for you and kids like you.” We’ve lately come across a new time in the fashion industry where prestigious, culturally engrained fashion houses and brands are now grabbing inspiration from the streets, whether it’d be Hip-Hop, streetwear, or any other underground subculture.


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Lately, Gucci has been on a tear with these beautiful, embroidered denim and leather pieces. Pieces that I could totally see myself in. Which is rare from old money-type of houses such as Gucci. These items are insanely rockstar, a throwback to the 70s Glam Rock/Hippie era but still fits into the fabric (no pun intended) of what’s going on in 2016. With all these young rappers calling themselves rockstars, this is extremely fitting. I remember originally seeing the embroidered denim jeans and thinking they were amazing. If you would have told me they were made by Gucci I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Sure enough, the wave is reaching all of our stylish public figures, rappers and fashion kids on Instagram and tumblr.

From the gorgeous animals to the punk inspired jackets and the floral prints/colors, everything from these 2016/2017 collections have been extremely on point. They’re giving us pieces that you could honestly dress up, or dress down and still pull off a LOOK. That’s admirable. Let’s look at a few more looks and pieces from Gucci. While you’re at it, you should slide down to your local Gucci store or retailer and take a look at what’s in your neighborhood. Treat yourself to a piece or two, or you can be like me and hope that someone sends you a piece of clothing out of the kindness of their heart.


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