STYLE: Select Highlights From Supreme FW16 Collection Preview


It’s that time of year again! While it’s still extremely humid and spicy like good curry outside, the fashion industry is gearing up to release their Fall/Winter 2016 collections. Whether you’re a connoisseur of beloved streetwear brand Supreme or just someone who buys clothes simply they like no matter the label, I think it’s safe to say that shopping and getting dressed for the Fall is way more exciting than doing the same in the warmer months.

For this year’s FW collection, Supreme stayed true to what brought them to the dance. We have box logo hoodies, printed button ups, U.K. “Roadman” inspired tech wear and tracksuits, hoodies emblazoned with “SUPREME” in different fonts, pop-inspired graphic tees, hilarious, obscure accessories and more.

However, my favorite items from them are normally the ones that lend themselves to looking like they could be worn by someone being interviewed on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. The sense of humor the team behind Supreme is extremely evident this season, some of the items are just hilarious and extremely meta. Let’s take a gander at some of my favorites from this  season. The must haves and the most impressive pieces.



Cherub Trucker Jacket: One of my favorite pieces per Supreme collection features different takes on the classic denim trucker jacket from their FUCK drop to their Leopard print denim release. These pieces from past collections always wind up being the most coveted for me and they also end up being extremely prestigious. I love these jackets because they always give me the chance to channel the energy of an early/mid ’90s alternative rockstar — which is definitely a “thing” for me.


Court Cards Hooded Leather Jacket: Another thing I have affinity for is the references drawn from fashions and styles I witnessed growing up in the hood. Very similar to Al Wissam jackets, Supreme always finds a way to not only supply their costumers with great pieces, but at the same time, they make others eBay search for original items the Supreme version is inspired by.





Color Blocked Quilted Jacket: Preferably. these two color ways are amazing. I normally keep my color palette very dark and based around the “all black everything” ethos. However, when wearing wear colors, not only do I love color blocking, but I also good color placement and contrast. The pink/orange/white/black on these jackets are beautifully placed. and I can already imagine the outfits I’d wear with these pieces. That’s how you know you have a great piece of clothing, when the costumer can see the item and envision 40 different outfits for the piece.



Script Varsity Puffy Jacket: This is just a very classic jacket, reminiscent of the old school satin Starter jackets. These two specific color ways will be up the alley of any rebel or rockstar who’s trying to relive their high school glory days.




Patchwork Anorak: As I stated before, my personal style preference is normally dark and rock inspired. While this isn’t super dark in the sense of colors, it has Grunge and DIY written all over it. The mash up of floral, paisley and flannel materials makes this piece just a sure fire winner. I see this piece being one of the most sought after pieces of this collection. Get ready for extremely high resale prices my friend.


Broken Paisley Flannel Zip-Up Shirt: The thought process behind why I’m partial to this piece is very similar to the reasoning behind why I like the patchwork anorak. Also the fact that this is a zip-up flannel, it’s almost blasphemous for anyone to not appreciate this piece. The layering you’ll be able to get away with is pretty much endless. Also, this is one of the pieces out of the collection where EVERY color way is completely fire.


The War Report Hooded Sweatshirt: If you’ve never listened to this album, I urge you understand what the music means to people like me who grew up back-and-forth between Long Island, Queens and Albany, New York. This album taught me so much. The song “T.O.N.Y.” alone taught me enough to give me a master’s degree. Seeing Supreme come together with the guys from C-N-N and put this album cover on shirts, hoodies and skate decks really make me happy. Even though Coke Magic made shirts of this same album a few years back, we now have the Supreme version.


3M Reflective Repeat Shoulder Bag: With the Roadman fashion style original to the London grime scene becoming extremely popular within skate culture and street style as of late, you can guarantee that this item, in all four colors will be all over the place this fall. I’d like to have hands on that black one ASAP.


Brick: Supreme has definitely delivered some of the most meta, obscure and hilarious objects per this collection. We’ve seen air horns, hammers, heavy bags, water guns… and now we have a brick. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with this brick, will people throw it the A Bathing Ape guy? Will someone build a house out of the bricks they accumulate? I’m not sure but the idea of a clothing line making a brick is too perfect. Now if your friend has a horrible outfit you can just send him a picture of the Supreme brick and tell him that his fit was trash. Great job Supreme.

I’m sure all of you will have your own personal favorites from this preview, so please feel free to carry the conversation over to Twitter. Follow and mention me @killTURNHERkill and we’ll talk about fashion, the references within the clothing and what pieces come out during what weeks. I’m sure this season will have plenty of surprise collaborations within it as well. So we’ll see what they hit us upside the head with this Fall/Winter.

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