Style Tips & Codes Inspired by Fran on ‘The Nanny’


Happy Birthday Fran Drescher! Today marks Fran’s 59th birthday. You can’t reminisce on this iconic woman without envisioning her off-kilter style that she flaunted effortlessly in the episodes of CBS’ The Nanny, which she also co-produced from 1993-1999. Her looks were often the focal point of the series’ comedic plots and were as unforgettable as her melodic, nasally voice. Growing up, I admired Fran due to her confidence. Where else could I see a street smart Queens-native mingle with British high society all while staying true to herself?

To commemorate Fran’s earth day, we recapped major wardrobe codes from The Nanny — which we will be using for the this upcoming fall season.

Whether it’s just a pop of print or busy all-over, Fran wasn’t afraid to get graphic. Checkered, camo, and tartan prints are classics — which avoid dreary, humdrum fall ensembles. Pair prints back to solid basics and you’re all set.

the_nanny_prints1Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

the_nanny_prints2                        Moschino Cheap & Chic. Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

the_nanny_printss3                        1994 Anna Sui. Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

Fur is a fall staple. It adds warmth and texture, but don’t be afraid to go big through size and color. If a long fur jacket isn’t your thing, grab a jacket with elaborate fur accents at the collar and cuffs.

the_nanny_fur1                        1997 Anna Sui. Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

tumblr_nqu8iglabp1rapmzlo1_1280-0Image Courtesy of

the_nanny_fur3 Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

Mini Skirt and Jacket Combo
Fran’s twist on a sophisticated suit was definitely her signature. Her smart albeit sassy combo often involved lots of leg. Instead of throwing your mini-skirts into your soon to be forgotten summer pile, pair them with matching leather jackets or blazers.

the_nanny_mini3                        Michael Hoban North Beach Leather Moto Jacket. Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

the_nanny_mini1                        Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

the_nanny_mini2                        Moschino. Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

Classic Black
In the rare occasions that Fran rocked all black, she did so with a fun and sexy twist. Bring out your special LBD or take a risk in an all-black,skin-tight jumpsuit the next time you’re feeling unstoppable.

the_nanny_black1                        1995 John Galliano Dress. Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

the_nanny_black3                        Herve Leger. Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

the_nanny_black2                         Image courtesy of @WhatFranWore

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