Summer Body Goals: Teyana Taylor in New Video “Drippin'”

Last week, Teyana Taylor blessed the timeline with a spontaneous video release of her new song with the Migos titled “Drippin” and the only thing we can think of is getting in shape for summer quickly.

Following a trend of risky, NSFW material, Taylor shows off her to die for body throughout the whole video. While dancing and dripped in paint, it’s hard to take your eyes off of the screen as the video is playing.

In her teaser, she hashtagged the video as Rated R, a rating that is usually associated with strong language and sexuality throughout. This is exactly what viewers get from “Drippin.”

Taylor is no rookie when it comes to having the best dance videos out and showing off her body. Recently she showed off her body in the “Fade” video for Kanye West as well as releasing a cover to Kanye’s “Champions” where she was covered in gold paint.

The main focus besides the explicit/catchy song lyrics is her body of course. In March, she launched her workout program titled Fade2Fit, for those wondering how she got her body so perfect.

The instrumental to “Drippin” is something worth noting as well. It has a mixture of drums that add to the mellow calm tune that accompanies Taylor’s soft voice but also works for the the Migos as well.

Watch the NSFW video below. Enjoy. This one is sure to make anyone’s late night playlist.

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