Summer Style Guide: Fabrics & Threads That Will Keep You Cool & Cute During This Hot Girl Summer (Literally, HOT)

It’s a hot girl summer and ladies we need to stay cute in this heatwave going on right now. Here’s a style guide on what clothing and fabrics will keep you cool in this hot weather. Summer is a fun time to experiment with new styles that you don’t usually get to wear when it’s colder, am I right? You can choose some new wardrobe pieces, go for a different summer hairstyle, or accessorize for summer however you like to look cute during the warm weather months.

1. Choosing cute summer outfits

Try a satin slip dress or a loose flowing maxi dress for comfort.

  • Keep this look casual by choosing a cotton dress with a bold pattern and wearing flat sandals or sneakers with your dress.
  • Add heeled sandals or ballet flats and some jewelry to finish off the look.
  • Wearing more linen in the summer keeps you cool. Linen fabrics are highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat.

Stores such as Zara, Missguided, and H&M have affordable prices on dresses ranging from $10-$30

Finding shirts and crop tops that fit well.

  • Crop tops are perfect for the summer they literally look bomb with anything. Vashtie is the crop top queen, pair it with a school girl skirt if you’d like.
  • Pair them with checkered chinos, tie dye skirts, or biker shorts

Biker shorts for an effortless on the go look

  • Pair these shorts with a blazer for a more dressed up look
  • For a more relaxed look pair these shorts with an oversized vintage tee and your good to go

2. Accessorizing for the summer

Bucket hats make any outfit look ten times cooler

  • Pair this hat with a button up blouse or a spaghetti strap dress
  • Mix it up and pair this hat with baggy jeans to give your look a cool 90s feel

Trade out your nike sneakers for a pair of nike sandals!

  • Find shoes that are made with a lot of cushion preferably any Nike Air Max shoe
  • Birkenstock sandals are an affordable option the footbed contours to your arches and give you the perfect amount of support
  • Ballet flats are another great option for a slightly more polished, casual summer look

Buy aviator or over-sized sunglasses to top any outfit off

  • Sunglasses are the ultimate summer accessory. Try them with colored lenses or mirrored lenses for the cutest effect
  • Also try round sunglasses or oversized cat eye shades if you’re feeling bougie

Carry a statement handbag, they always make things fun!

  • To tote all of your summer essentials, try a small brightly colored handbag
  • Bright metallic or neon colors also tend to be popular in the hot months

This summer style guide will help you prepare for this summer and many more summers to come. Check back soon for our fall style guide and tips on looking stylish in cooler climates. Also, chat with us via Instagram on what items or piece of clothing we can add to our summer style guide.

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