Supreme shines light on Barbershops for fall

When it comes to the dynamic of the barbershop, it’s no secret that they are a huge contributor to the culture.  Being that “barbershop talk” is pretty important for most communities and barbers are the  magicians of the streets, it’ was only right to recently reinforce that narrative  for the culture. Two days ago, Supreme released a visual that captured a barber cutting hair as well as pivotal and nostalgic barbershop creations like line ups, fades, asymmetrical cuts, and more. With the visual, came the introduction of Supreme’s Andis Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper.  If you think about it, this is definitely not the first time the brand has advertised lifestyle accessories considering the brick that once existed and the metro card they’ve previously advertised through the gram.The $98 accessory that aims to meet the accommodation of those who cut hair and those who are constantly on the go is not only cordless but also holds a  battery life of two hours.  The clipper features the classic red theme with  the brand name in white bold font . By the time any consumer gets to it on the site to purchase, it ‘ll probably be gone but considering it’s a fall essential ,  there will hopefully be a restock or a 12-year-old  willing to trade . Supreme once again proves that they are not only just a clothing line but a lifestyle. In the brand’s preview for Fall/Winter, there’s a Supreme Fender/ Stratocaster, a mophie, a sake set, chopsticks, a sled,  wireless speaker, and much more. For now, checkout Supreme’s latest visual for the accessory below and keep a close watch for the must-haves releases of Supreme this fall.

Andis® Envy™ Li Clippers 📹 Oliver Payne

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