Syd Unravels “Always Never Home” EP

In February, Syd released her debut album Fin and now she follows it up, albeit very quickly, with her three song EP Always Never Home

This short project includes the August release of “Bad Dream/No Looking Back” as well as two new songs, “Moving Mountains” and “On The Road.” The three tracks maintain the same sultry R&B vibe that she transmitted on the first single and builds on it. Throughout the project, she creates a moody landscape over electronic production that lures you in within a few seconds of the opening track.

Syd has always been honest about her music influences and her infatuation with pop-minded artists such as Usher and Britney Spears. As she told Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show on Apple Music, “Everything you do as an artist is going to end up being a culmination of your influences, whether you like it or not”. Fin seemed to be in Syd’s attempt at exploring her own musical identity and showing fans what she, individually, brought to the table. Always Never Home maintains this energy and versatility, while capturing the jazzier, airier sound of The Internet‘s 2015 breakthrough Ego Deathcontinuing to prove her ability to push the envelope. The project serves as an invitation to listen to her thoughts first hand, as if she’s leaning in to tell you a story right by your ear.

“Catch a case, I take the fall for you/ You didn’t appreciate a thing, babe/ Got me out here looking crazy,” she sings on the EP opener “Moving Mountains,” as she explores love’s fragilities and pillowtalk melodies. “Bad Dream/No Looking Back,” initially released in August as a first taste of the project, is a lovelorn reintroduction into Syd’s world. The “Bad Dream” half of the song, produced by Gwen Bunn, sets a soothing backdrop for Syd’s angelic harmonies, expressing her distress and doubt simultaneously, “There’s just a lot going on/ I think you know I’m missing you still/ But maybe you don’t”. The second half of the song, produced by Riccie Riera, serves as a warning about commitment, “We only kiss when we fuckin’ so we don’t get too attached/ If this turns into something, we know there’s no looking back,” she sings. Her velvet voice slinks across Full Create and Jameel Bruner’s bass-heavy electronic production with ease as she underscores her autonomy in a deceptively cozy lilt: “I’ve been on the road and doing shows/ Back to back all up the coast/ This is how it goes, I’ll call you when I can”. She then attests to the tunnel-vision grind that led her to making her dreams come true as she humbly brags, “Always something to promote/ But hey, this was the goal”.

Always Never Home adds neo-soul flourished on its radio-friendly fare, while its cottony production centres the album and pushes it against the borders of R&B. Syd will be embarking on the Always Never Home tour in October, kicking off on the 9th in New York City at Irving Plaza. Check out her tour dates below:

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