SZA Gets Candid and Talks ‘CTRL’ with Coveteur

“I was being defiant, but then I fell in love with trying—trying to grow as a writer, trying to be better, trying to figure out what resonated with me and how to get rid of my insecurities.” – SZA, Coveteur

Our favorite, relatable mood angel, SZA, has stepped back into the spotlight to be covered by the forward thinking lifestyle brand, Coveteur. In the editorial, SZA candidly discusses her childhood, style, CTRL and growing up in a modest Muslim home, having parents that constantly reminded her to always keep her hobby with her—in this case music.

SZA’s lyrics aren’t your typical relatable songwriting. You have to have a certain type of mind to truly understand what she means. She uses a lot of phrases and metaphors to describe her feelings because just one word simply isn’t good enough. She tells Coveteur that writing is her therapy. Although still a bit shy, SZA admits, “I start writing about the first things that come to my mind, all the stuff that I don’t want anyone to know. I can’t help writing about personal [topics], it’s all I know how to do.”

One of the best parts of SZA is her ability to be unapologetically free. Whether she’s performing doing karate kicks in the air, confessing how nervous she is to do something or putting an off the wall outfit together, she’s baring her soul. She emphasizes this in the editorial as she reminisces on her outcast days as a child, before she got older and “rebelled” against what people told her was right. She admits to having moments where she was pretentious, thinking she knew absolutely everything only to have life show her the opposite.

She also touches on why her style is the way it is. Some of it is inspired by 90’s fashion. Some of it is inspired by her conservative upbringing. A portion of it is a product of her previous weight insecurities. After conquering her struggles and losing weight, she became confident enough to not be ashamed of her body.

“’CTRL’ is about loss and the realization that nobody has control. I don’t have control, you don’t, Trump doesn’t have control—it doesn’t work that way. Everything is a free, spinning, and connected piece of the world.” – SZA

The other day, the internet received confirmation from TDE’s Top Dawg regarding SZA’s album–which is due out after Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated release. He also confirmed that SZA’s album is amazing.

The excitement has built up over time and this Coveteur editorial puts the cherry on top of the cake!

Check out more of the feature shots below!

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