SZA’s “Supermodel” Video is a Must Watch

Last week, TDE‘s first lady SZA released the visual for the first track on her CTRL  entitled “Supermodel”.  The Nabil directed visual starts out with her singing to herself in the mirror while her ex is laughing at her.  As soon as the songstress transforms herself into more of a bad b*tch with a supermodel glow, a group of child-fairies invite her to follow them on a path. On this path, she finds herself shimmering in gold, walking like a goddess until she runs back into her ex who just cant stop taunting her. Once she gives him the “not even worth it” look, she runs away to a playground where all the kids are gathered around . Once SZA and the kids have the guy tied up in the center of the playground, they all throw fireworks at him until he falls to his knees  and is forever destroyed.

When I first heard the song, i knew it was a gem but the visual for this song was honestly icing on a cake.  In the beginning, she’s just herself with her hair up and over-sized clothing wondering why it’s so hard for him to just do right by her and praise her like a supermodel.  Unfortunately that is the reality for so many women out here. Some men will literally treat you like a joke regardless of your looks and personality and then goes cheat with a total stranger :

“Why you in Vegas all up on Valentine’s Day?

Why am I so easy to forget like that?

It can’t be that easy for you to get like that”.

What SZA is demonstrating in the video is that rather she’s looking and/or feeling like a supermodel or not, she’s still valuable to his attention. If he cannot see the supermodel in you on the daily basis and treat you as such, he serves no further purpose of having you. Many times we look at ourselves and try to adjust what’s not right about ourselves (which can have a toll on our self-esteem time to time) based on how others are treating us and with that, you just got to get rid of  them as the joke that they are.  Whether you decide if someone you love or thought you loved serves a lot or no purpose at all to you, you just got to remember that you’re a goddess at the end of the day. What SZA teaches us in this visual is that if  you treat a clown as the clown that they really are, you will inevitably have the last  laugh.


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